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Jan 04, 2022

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The United Way Neighborhood Zone in Brooklyn is a prime example of how a united front can transform a community. Based in South Baltimore Benjamin Franklin High School, the Neighborhood Zone emerged from listening to what community members wanted and needed.
Focused on multi-generational support, the Neighborhood Zone supports social, economic, and educational advancement. Offerings include an on-site Family Center with childcare for student parents so they can stay in school and graduate; housing and employment assistance; a dropout prevention program; mental health services; access to fresh and healthy food; and more.
Since its inception, the Neighborhood Zone in Brooklyn has seen nationally recognized success: 70% of student parents have graduated high school (compared to 40% nationally), 172 children have received high-quality, early childhood education, and 96% of children avoided a disruptive school transfer when their families were forced to move.
Help us help more people who want and deserve to live their best life by contributing to the United Way Neighborhood Zone in Brooklyn and its expansion to other neighborhoods.